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Our Vision

In line with creating an innovative, high-quality and affordable brand for our consumers, we strive hard in reaching out to them by expanding and extending our availability in all major malls nationwide. We look forward into a wider range of product availability nationwide and hopefully in a bigger scale such as the Asia Pacific Region and soon in a Global Scale as well.

Our Marketing Goals

To keep up with the latest trends in fashion, Lady Grace continuously Innovates its products and introduces a wide variety of selection for its market to choose from. We reach out to consumers by making the brand available in leading shopping malls/ Department Stores Nationwide and Throughout Asia as well. To Utilize Lady Grace’s brand in its advertising and marketing efforts thru below-the-line Advertising (merchandising/promos/activations), viral campaign and digital marketing as well. By this, we will be able to induce product trial, create brand awareness, establish brand identity and sustain brand image all throughout

Our People

Our Production People are governed by people with their respective field of expertise armed with profound knowledge and experience that works hand in hand to produce and come up with modern/trend-setting products for our marketing people to disperse in the market while ensuring product availability. Armed with an in-house Advertising Department, Marketing and Communication efforts are initialized in order to make our brand presence felt in the market and to continuously sustain brand awareness.

Shapewear Series